Thursday, June 18, 2009


Does she is the one?

You choose over me

Standing in a room all alone.

Imagine what could it be.

Tell me nothings wrong

When all the sudden you’re gone.

Was it worth to lie.

You wont give a reason why.

So now it shows
How the story goes.
And when all went wrong.

You came to me.

Ask me if I want you back

Why would I ?

So now it shows.

How the ending goes

When you’re the mastermind.

Don’t came to me.

Asking me things u never said

Such a waste of time.

I’ve made up my mind

Love is more than blind

So I’m strutting outta here

To see what I can find

Too much to see.

Too much to tell.

What I know is.

You weren’t well.

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