Tuesday, May 26, 2009

short songs for short person *no offense

she was a girl who tried to fixed her world
but there was nothing left and begin to twirl
she was looking for something else
something she called holga polaroid cam
she walked down the road
in blink of an eye she met this boy
he say 'why hello hello', whats your name may i know?
dup..dup..dup.. her hearts beating
dum..dee..dum.. he still waiting

can you believe the sky
and does sun shine bright
when everything seems so alive
do you believe in love
and why it hurts so much
when everything seems so divine

Another day

Bedtime stories,
i read it to you,
while you're sleeping.
Do you hear me,
I'm calling for you
I, I'm waiting.

could bring the light
and hold me tight.
don't wanna go away,
there's always another day.

Show me the room,
and i'll make up my move,
don't be shy, to me.
Hello my dear,
look at me,

could bring the light
and hold me tight.
don't wanna go away,
there's always another day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

what happen on 23rd of May 2009

first of all, i would like to thanks to the bandit community for giving us - chapter one second chance to perform at their gig. and a lot of thanks to friends that came by. bla bla bla. the story begin...

1015 - bangun, mandi, siap2, dengar lagu.
1100 - pergi alamanda, jumpa kawan, gerak ke central market.
1200 - jumpa bandmates and minum2 sebentar.
1300 - pergi ke one cafe untuk daftarkan diri.
1400 until 1930 - gig start. first performer was amazing. then, dah tgk org lain perform, tiba2 dapat tau band kitorg main no 12 dari 14 band. i was like freaking shock. sebab kitorg ni kira 3rd band yg sampai awal. tp main lambat gila. nak masuk 5 jam lebih kitorg tunggu. tunggu punya tunggu, kitorg pegi makan dulu. semua bandmates aku dah lemau termasuk lah aku. kalau kitorg tau kitorg perform lmbt, mmg dtg lmbt lah. tension tension tension. selalunya band akan bawak 4 lagu. ni ada yang perasan kot, bawak 6 - 7 lagu. woah, lagi tension aku. kalau best, tk heran okay :) hmm. whatever lah kan. dah lepas. let bygone be bygone. hahaha. hmm so dah masuk turn band kitorg - chapter one main pulak. mmg sumpah ah kitorg cam dah lemau gila. so kitorg main je lah. aku buat introduction yang sgt tk best. and lagu yg kitorg main paramore - my heart, chapter one - things i always want to say, velvet revolver - fall to pieces, chapter one - indahnya malamku. aku rasa performance kitorg paling awal habis ok. dah lah nak malam, aku dgn kawan2 aku balik sendiri pulak tu. dah lah kitorg anak dara. mmg satu sacrifice kitorg buat utk gig ni. nasib lah kawan2 aku tu sanggup datang and support aku. sanggup tunggu and support band aku - chapter one. itulah kawan dunia akhirat. hahahahahahaha.

thats all you need to know about our journey to be a successful local band. insyaAllah :) all the best to all of you. salam