Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hold on

I'll take you to a place
Where you don't wanna be
Just hold on to my hand
Believe when i say three

Just hold on tight
And oh
Baby be by my side

I'll take you to a fairytale
Another you and me story
I'm on my bended knees again
just so you could see

The world go oh oh oh
Baby be by my side
And oh
Baby hold on tight

Im in love
I love you oh so much
and oh
Baby hold on tight.

1 comment:

Miss Dita Hibiki said...

hai Kak Massy sayang !! hahaha . .

I've juz d0ne watching ur s0ng vid , 0h Ya Allah !!

they were amazing !! suare akak sgt sedap . . nie ke yang akk malu kan sgt2 utk tnjuk sye ? s0 ridicul0us , u kn0w ?? hmm . .

anyway ,ur s0ng are very nice . . I like it s0 much . . ^_^