Saturday, February 27, 2010

want to see paramore so badly

OMG, tak tau nak cakap cmne ok. dah separuh gila aku cari ticket nak g concert paramore. gila tau gila! tanya housemate aku, cmne aku react bil dpt tau mcm2 radio nak bg ticket free. tapi ada kena guna digi lah, kena anta pakai email lah, kena ada code lah. oh my geeee! bagi je lah ticket tu. i can answer any of your question about paramore. i might say im pretty obsessed and addicted to them.

PARAMORE PLEASE COME TO MALAYSIA - it might be a shock when u know u have a billion trillion of fans in malaysia. damn damn damn!

ok, im alright now. fuhhhhhh - sedih tau! :((


phesza sykes said...

Hey you've found my new url. (: anw, i wanted to go to paramore so badly ! tp tic abes doe. but no worrieys, ada rumor ckp they are coming either july or end of this year. *fingers crossed* (:

Teekay Saleh said...

ticx ada byk lg dkt SISTIC Singapore tau the other day. when i arrived, ada lg org queuing beli tickets. and ada org msia nk jual 3ticx dorg for 30% discount! bila msuk stadium pn, still ada rooooows of empty seats kt area atas2!!
im not quite sure abt the rumour they'r coming to msia but Hayley mentioned they'd be touring to Singapore again in the near future.
perhaps, a couple of years to come :)